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Equine Mind Body Wellness

Equiviva Wellness is a boutique wellness company offering Craniosacral Therapy (CST) for your horse.  CST is an Osteopathic technique used to remedy structure and function within the body.  This can be beneficial for your horse's overall performance, gait, alignment, hyper-sensory or pain issues, injury management, emotional well being and focus.


High Performance Horses

In order to perform at a high level with your horse you both need to be in top physical condition.  This includes regular maintenance for both your body and theirs.  At Equiviva we practice both Equine CST and provided registered Manual Osteopathic care to you out of our clinic located in Ladner, BC.


Joy Riding and Golden Years

Your horse may be for joy riding pleasure or simply in the golden years of retirement but we still love them and want to keep them comfortable.  A CST session be beneficial to any kind of equine companion at any stage of life.